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193 – Job Security in Healthcare…Yeah Right!!!

What’s good everyone! Who remembers hearing that getting a job in healthcare confers a crazy amount of job security? I do! You couldn’t find an example of nurses or doctors being laid off for “cost cutting” reasons. Welp, then 2020 done came! 2020 has shown us that NOBODY’s job is safe. Dr. Guy Kezirian, from Physician CEO, jumps on to talk about the nuggets we can learn from the pandemic to make our entrepreneurial efforts stronger.  
October 23, 2020

192 – The Weird Al Yankovic of Medicine freestyles on the podcast!

What’s good everyone!! For the first time ever on DOTB – we got a freestyle battle going on! Dr. Wendy McDonald, a.k.a. Dr. Every Woman, jumps on the hotseat to talk about how she creates her viral parodies. She has created parodies of famous hits from Lizzo, Hamilton, and Chance The Rapper. No joke, but people are calling her the “Weird Al” Yankovic of medicine. Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Why she created Dr. Every Woman Embracing your imperfections Her Top 5 rappers of all time Her thoughts on social media   Resources: Dr. Every Woman The Gyneco-(b)Logic IG/FB/Twitter: @dreverywoman This episode is sponsored by Professional Solutions & Development. Experts in holistic career coaching – check them out at    
October 19, 2020

191 – Darko Real Estate Series – A faster way to save for a down payment to buy a property

What’s good everyone, The old-fashioned way works. The old-fashioned way is reliable. The old-fashioned way is not complicated. A lot of times we find out when its too late that the old-fashioned way is just….OLD! This is the method Renee and I used to save up for a down payment on a future property. The majority of Americans save up in similar ways. Well today, the folks at Money Insights are talking a more efficient way to save up for future investment properties.   Resources: Investment Optimizer Get your F3 Score   Text ‘Darko’ to 31996 to get a free copy of Money Insights for Physicians
October 17, 2020

190 – FIGS done f*cked up!

The biggest scrub company on the block, FIGS, stepped into some you know what a couple of days ago. Renee and I go all in on this obvious mistake by their PR department. Oh, and for the first time ever on DOTB, I lose my cool and go on a rant on the show. 
October 15, 2020

189 – Skip Bayless goes baseless on Dak Prescott’s depression

What’s good everyone, Skip Bayless has been a consistent force in the TV sports commentary arena for almost two decades. Known for his stubborn and contrarian views, he’s really made a name for himself being way too focused on the short list of negatives of Lebron James’ career. Two weeks ago, he put his foot in his mouth with his comments and dismissal of Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott’s self-described bout of depression. Kwesi and Dr. Dawn Brown join me on today’s episode to discuss his comments and the effect it could have on other athletes and health care professionals.   Get in touch with Dr. Dawn: @drdawnpsychmd   This episode is sponsored by Professional Solutions & Development. Experts in holistic career coaching – check them out at  
October 9, 2020

188 – Should “Are you registered to vote” be apart of patients’ social history?

What’s good everyone!! We’re going to continue the voter registration conversation because it’s very important. Today you’ll be hearing from Dr. Alister Martin, an ER physician at Massachusetts General Hospital, who started the organization VotER. VotER believes that more voices build better systems and they are accomplishing this by making it easier for medical professionals and their patients to register to vote. You’ll also hear about what it’s like to build an organization like this from the ground up. Other things you’ll learn in this episode: How patients can change the dynamics of healthcare How Dr. Alister has been able to get such a large patient and hospital buy-in The importance of civic engagement How he built the intricate network/infrastructure of VotER How VotER has been able to “gamify” voter registration with medical professionals. Resources: Democracy, STAT
October 7, 2020

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Docs Outside The Box - Ordinary Doctors Doing Extraordinary Things

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Nii-Daako Darko, DO, MBA, FACS

Nii-Daako Darko, DO, MBA, FACS

My name is Nii Darko and let me get real with you. As a kid, I always wanted to have an impact on people or be larger than life. I thought about becoming an astronaut, athlete, lawyer, or doctor. It wasn’t until the Cosby Show that I knew what I wanted to be. A successful doctor with a beautiful wife, great kids, and lives in Brooklyn… What more could a regular kid from Queens, New York want?

After getting the degrees, credentials, and certifications, I realized that my life was far from a TV show. As a doctor, not only was I not in complete control over my life, but I also hadn’t explored other talents I knew I had. I was in a box.

After a year of doing locums work, I had met so many doctors making moves outside of traditional medicine. There were doctors who did medical humanitarian work in war-torn places of the world, others running their own businesses, and some on TV.

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