#10 Improving access to care with Roundtrip's Ankit Mathur

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#10 Improving access to care with Roundtrip's Ankit Mathur

February 26, 2020

#10 Improving access to care with Roundtrip's Ankit Mathur

At Redox, we might have a bit of a startup crush on Roundtrip. But that’s easy when you work with such impactful companies. Every day, 10,000 patients miss or delay necessary health care due to a lack of proper transportation. The cost to the United States healthcare system last year because of missed medical appointments and unfulfilled prescriptions was a staggering $150 billion.

But this problem goes way beyond dollars and cents. The greater concern is the health of millions of patients who aren’t getting the care and medication they need – simply because they don’t have a ride. In 2016, Ankit Mathur, Angela Damiano, and Mark Switaj banded together to design a ride ordering solution that improves access to care. The company they founded is Roundtrip. Ankit, Roundtrip’s chief technology officer, recently sat down with me to share their story.

Here are some of the highlights from their conversation.

01:55 – How Roundtrip got started  

04:41 – Getting a multi-sided network off the ground

09:25 – Roundtrip’s early milestones

19:09 – Attracting providers, patients and transportation services to participate

27:45 – The importance of value-based care

35:15 – How the network effect propels Roundtrip’s go-to-market strategy

38:27 – What’s ahead for Roundtrip?

Roundtrip is making a significant difference in the quality of care for patients. MedCity just reported that they’re saving Contra Costa 25% over taxi and bus vouchers, in preliminary results. We look forward to watching the company grow in the years ahead. Our thanks to Ankit Mathur for joining us on The Redox Podcast.

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