Breaking Barriers to Enable Success with Akinwande Oshodi PMP, CISA, CDFM

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Breaking Barriers to Enable Success with Akinwande Oshodi PMP, CISA, CDFM

October 26, 2021

Breaking Barriers to Enable Success with Akinwande Oshodi PMP, CISA, CDFM

Meet today’s guest, Akinwande Oshodi, the current President and Founder of the Avery Group, a management consulting firm based out of the Atlanta natural area, with a mission to break barriers and enable success. They work with the CDC in the Program Management Office (PMO) support work including strategic planning and the Department of Veterans Affairs to modernize their electronic health records. The company also does IT audits for several nonprofits and commercial organizations. 

In this episode, Akinwande talks about his background both in the military and in finance, narrating how he eventually got into doing business with the government after facing his failure and forging a path from it. 

Top Takeaways 

[02:46] A lot of sales mindsets can be easily translatable into anything we do as healthcare professionals. 

[12:32] Failure can give us time to be introspective and understand our weaknesses so we can strengthen them. 

[18:10] Have your destination in mind but be open to what the world gives you. 

[20:21] One of the ways to foster intimate connections in teams is to understand their natural behaviors so small changes are easily observed. It also helps to understand their mindset in decision-making processes. 

[30:01] Changes in the Healthcare industry: Modernization of healthcare data and systems is a huge ongoing trend, helping to get real-time data quickly for decision making. 

[35:17] Requirements to pursue government business: It is important to have an LLC, a bank account, and a DUNS number. You need to register into the System for Award Management (SAM). While the process is not difficult, the actual work to win government contracts is more demanding and arduous. Having proof of past performance is pivotal. 

[39:34] For people looking to do business with the government, there are a ton of resources, contact your local Procurement Technical Assistance Centre (PTAC). PTAC can help you understand your business model and plan, and connect with state and local buyers, as well as educate you more with the resources. 

[42:22] It’s up to us as individuals to educate ourselves on the various broad opportunities within the healthcare industry. 

[46:07] Akinwande is motivated by a strong desire to create impact and add value to the organization. He inspires others by leading by example. 

[55:58] Professional website recommendation: NAHSE for healthcare professionals, National Contract Management Association (NCMA) for those interested in contracting to learn more and get opportunities with buyers. 

[57:21] Book recommendations: “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie 

[59:11] Akinwande’s message to himself: To his past self he says “Don’t rush life, and be resilient”. To his future self, “Did we accomplish everything that we set out to?” 

[01:01:42] Final advice from Akinwande: Have some confidence in yourself and just know that everything is going to work out. Remain resilient, and put your people first. 

Key Quotes: 

“Be the light that you want to see in the world” 

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them” 

“You can change the plan but don’t change the goal” 

“Be radically open-minded” 

“The success of any business is going to come down to people” 

“Pressure makes diamonds” 

“Collaboration helps breed the best ideas” 

“The quicker you fail, the stronger you’ll be in the long run” 


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