The #1 Focus on Your Way to Your First $1M

The EntreMD Podcast

The #1 Focus on Your Way to Your First $1M

December 29, 2022

The #1 Focus on Your Way to Your First $1M

I cannot wait for you to see the version of yourself that emerges on the other side of the “problems” created when your business zips past $100k, $250k, $1M!

After the EntreMD Business School had been operating for about two years, we had a number of students who had crossed the million-dollar mark.

And yes, when you hit to a million, you’ve created new problems for yourself … but you just learn to problem-solve at a higher level.

The No. 1 focus at this stage—on your way to $1M—is building a viable team.

That is, hiring (knowing what you want), training (growing as a leader), and downloading the “spaghetti” in your head (implementing structure for thriving).

This EntreMD podcast episode is about these pain points of scaling and what to have in place to problem-solve at a higher level.

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