Overcoming Self Doubt with Dr. Sogol Pahlavan

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Overcoming Self Doubt with Dr. Sogol Pahlavan

January 18, 2021

Overcoming Self Doubt with Dr. Sogol Pahlavan

In this episode, I’ll discuss strategies to overcome self-doubt with special guest, Dr. Sogol Pahlavan.

Are you struggling to see the good things in yourself? Are you lacking confidence in your abilities? If you are often doubting yourself, this episode will be so helpful for you. You don’t want to miss this!

In the episode, we discuss:

#1  Why we have self-doubt.

#2  The impact of self-doubt.

#3  Do successful people have self-doubt?

#4  How do we stop our self-doubt from stopping us?

 Listener spotlight of the week

Arizona Ikeme

Authentic and excellent teacher!

Dr. Una has been well known to me for more than 15 years. We were classmates in Medical school and graduated together. I have been a full supporter of financial independence and a partial supporter of early retirement. My quest for knowledge has granted me access to a lot of information which has made me achieve landmarks I never imaged were possible. Dr Una’s podcasts have been exceptional information for established and upcoming Entrepreneurs. It provides a good life balance without compromising business success. She has my unreserved commendation. I recommend her podcasts to all Physicians!!!

Thank you Arizona for your kind review! I really appreciate your recommendation and am so proud to have your support!

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Keep an eye out for her upcoming project: Level Up Docs! 

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