7 business lessons from my first ten weeks of podcasting

The EntreMD Podcast

7 business lessons from my first ten weeks of podcasting

December 30, 2019

7 business lessons from my first ten weeks of podcasting

Today we are celebrating the 10th episode of the EntreMD Podcast!

In this episode, I share the 7 business lessons I learned in my first ten weeks as a podcaster.

This episode is so practical so you will leave with tips that you can start applying today.
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Listener spotlight of the week


That’s My Coach 

I love your voice! Someone else could be giving excellent content but if your voice annoys me, I will not listen. So I thank God that your voice is soothing! 

Ok now for the real stuff, this podcast is what every single Physician needs to listen to. Just hearing your story inspired and gives hope that we can expand past clinical medicine and form 2nd and 3rd streams of income. 

A monotonous life was what I had before. And now I’m excited 😆 for a future of practicing medicine which I love AND then businesses forming on the side that allow me be creative and put other talents on a stage. The world is wide open!!! I highly suggest this podcast for ALL physicians and any entrepreneur actually.💁🏽‍♀️


Thank you so much Dr. Joy. I'm really happy to hear my voice is soothing and not annoying. I'm much happier that this podcast has inspired you and you are now excited about your future as a physician and an entrepreneur.

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Links mentioned in this episode:

Dr. John Jurica, Host of the Physician Nonclinical Careers Podcast
Dr. David Draghinas,
Host of Doctors Unbound Podcast
Dr. Sasha Schillcut,
Author of Between Grit and Grace
Dr. Mary Claire Haver, Founder and creator of the
Galveston Diet

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