The Chutzpah Show with Sarah Cotenoff

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The Chutzpah Show with Sarah Cotenoff

October 1, 2020

The Chutzpah Show with Sarah Cotenoff

On the show today, live in person here at OffScrip Media Studios in downtown Manhattan, Sarah Cotenoff, Co-Founder of Podsights — and, more importantly — former intern at The Stupid Cancer Show. Losing your father to cancer as a teenager is never a good thing. But the forced maturity it gives you can ultimately come in handy if and when more crap you didn’t expect happens upon you. In Sarah’s case, it was — after a comedic series of misdiagnoses — Psoriatic arthritis, a condition she has had to manage and learn to live with for over a decade. Our origin story as Intern/Boss is one for the ages because it involves a combination of Zach Efron, Perez Hilton, and an inherent inquisitive moxie that gave every and life to the up-and-coming Stupid Cancer broadcast footprint. Among other “Wayback Machine” things we talk about, there’s a more serious narrative about addiction, self-awareness, resiliency, managing mental health issues, and taking control of your life when it seems no one has their hands on the wheel. So without further ado, enjoy The Chutzpah Show.

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