Stop Innovating and Do Something: TJ Sharpe

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

Stop Innovating and Do Something: TJ Sharpe

August 4, 2020

Stop Innovating and Do Something: TJ Sharpe

On today’s show, friend, colleague, fellow young adult cancer survivor, advocate, speaker, blogger, and Stage IV melanoma bald guy, TJ Sharpe. He just celebrated his 8-year cancerversary and — spoiler alert — is still here alive, kicking, and staying just angry enough to keep poking a stick at the dumpster fire that is our modern-day healthcare system. His activism has made him one of the dominant voices in clinical trial and immunotherapy awareness for patients and HCPs and his superpower is translating the jargony BS of patient voice, and patient experience into a more digestible narrative that has made cancer suck less for countless others. More about TJ Sharpe at

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