[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” COVID-19 Vaccine Edition

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” COVID-19 Vaccine Edition

November 30, 2020

[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” COVID-19 Vaccine Edition

Today’s episode of “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” riffs off the news of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy data. Jen has a convo with Matthew Zachary that starts off about vaccines and quickly dives off the deep end into a sea of public perception, personal preferences, and medical ethics. Tune in as we wade through how ableism, veganism, and animal memorial services relate to life-saving medicines. It’s all proof positive that developing a vaccine is only half the battle and must be coupled with a robust communication strategy if we want widespread adoption of a COVID-19 vaccine.


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