[BEST OF OOP] The Many Lives of Warrior Megsie

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

[BEST OF OOP] The Many Lives of Warrior Megsie

August 16, 2022

[BEST OF OOP] The Many Lives of Warrior Megsie

Original Air Date 12/28/2021 — Today I talk to writer, influencer, and breast cancer survivor extraordinaire, Megan-Claire Chase. When Megan-Claire got her cancer diagnosis in 2015, her life took a big left turn. Her health and her future were suddenly thrown off course. But Megan-Claire also learned new things about herself. She discovered her knack for writing when she began documenting her cancer journey. Her blog, Life on the Cancer Train, became a runaway success, and Warrior Megsie, Megan-Claire’s online persona, was born! She has since written for Cancer Health magazine, co-authored an academic paper, and has been featured in The New York Times and People magazine. What’s next, a one-woman show? 

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