Moonai uses psychoacoustic strategies to stop period pain – Ep 177

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Moonai uses psychoacoustic strategies to stop period pain – Ep 177

In today’s episode, I interview Laura-June Clarke, the CEO and founder of Moonai. Monnai is an app that uses audio wavelengths to improve pain experienced during one’s period. Certain sounds,…
August 22, 2022

Moonai uses psychoacoustic strategies to stop period pain – Ep 177

Moonai, the audio app for women’s health. Explore personalised & neuroscientific soundscapes and pain tracking insights to alleviate period pain.

Fundraise scheduled June // Looking for strategic investors in MusicTech, Health, or related.
Beta product stage in <1y / 10k downloads in 70 days, no marketing spendings
Founder @ Moonai: the audio app for women’s health / functional music/neuroscience/Digital Therapeutics & drugs (DTx)
Entrepreneneur: co-founder @ Guacamole, music collective, founder @ Intami musictech consultant
Expertise: MusicTech, cultural creative arts, startups tech, monetization, fundraising, apps, strategy & business development partnerships +10 years
Pitch competition prize (AtticcoLab, Wallifornia MusicTech, …) 
MSc in Business Engineering / Innovation Management & Finance Assets Management.
Extensive Education in Applied AI, Music Business, Computer & Data Science, and Neuroscience


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FemTech Focus is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded to bring awareness externally and internally for the FemTech industry and to empower the key stakeholders including entrepreneurs, investors, physicians, governments, and biopharma with resources and research to elevate women’s health and wellness globally. Subscribe and Donate:

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The FemTech Focus Podcast with Dr. Brittany Barreto is a meaningfully provocative conversational series that brings women’s health experts – including doctors, scientists, inventors, and founders – on air to talk about the innovative technology, services, and products that are improving women, female, and girl’s health and wellness, collectively known as FemTech. The podcast gives the host, Dr. Brittany Barreto, and guests an engaging, friendly environment to learn about the past, present, and future of women’s health and wellness. 

Dr. Brittany Barreto Bio: 

Dr. Brittany Barreto is the Co-Founder and Executive Director of FemTech Focus, Host of the FemTech Focus Podcast, Co-Founder of Coyote Ventures, Advisory Board Member for Johnson Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Indiana University, and an unconventional scientist, entrepreneur, and consultant that proves that anything is possible with hard work and heart. While finishing her doctorate in Genetics, Dr. Barreto founded Pheramor, the world’s first DNA-based dating app. She shifted into investments as Senior Venture Associate and launched Capital Factory’s Gulf Coast branch. Dr. Barreto noticed how underserved the FemTech industry was and founded FemTech Focus, a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness for sex-specific healthcare innovation and supporting founders in the space. Today she hosts the #1 FemTech podcast, produces data-driven industry reports, co-founded the 6th FemTech fund, is recognized globally as a women’s health leader, and is a highly sought-after speaker and industry consultant.

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