Ask Darko v3.0

Docs Outside The Box

Ask Darko v3.0

June 15, 2018

Ask Darko v3.0


DOTB Nation!

I know I left you all hanging for 2 weeks. There are a lot of changes going on in the background for Docs Outside the Box.

I always encourage listeners to submit questions to me. It’s much easier to answer these questions through the podcast and that’s what I did for this episode. A valued listener submitted the following question:

Hi Dr Darko, love these podcast. Such amazing information for residents since this is all information that you have to learn on your own. So greatfull. I wanted to your opinion. I am a 3rd year neurology resident and thinking ahead as I prepare to lay down my loans and start working. What do you think about the public service loan forgiveness plan over the 10 year period?

Also I know you guys cancelled your disability insurance and down graded with better prices with set for life insurance. As a resident would it be wise to forego disability insurance until the absolute end of fellowship or should I purchase now as a resident? Thanks again. Much appreciated.

Physician on Fire and Jamie Fleischner (Set for Life Insurance) helped answer this resident’s question. Take a listen!


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