78 – The Doctor's Life Podcast

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78 – The Doctor's Life Podcast

December 17, 2018

78 – The Doctor's Life Podcast


On this episode of DOTB, I’m speaking to Dr. Dianne Ansari-Winn from The Doctor’s Life Podcast. I was on her show before and we did a collaboration together talking about the beauty and benefits of podcasting.

She’s an anesthesiologist and a powerful physician development coach. She coaches doctors around stress and burnout, teaching them to have effective coaching conversations, and how to be coaches themselves so they could support each other.

Medicine is hard work and physician burnout is rampant more than ever. Little by little our work is causing us harm. But how can we bridge this gap and go from physician burnout to physician wellness? Gain the knowledge to get you out of physician burnout now as you listen to today’s episode of #DOTB!

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How she found her way and started helping other physicians
  • Why she started “The Doctor’s Life Podcast”
  • What you need  to know in finding a credible coach
  • 3 Advice to get pass and out of burnout
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc



My Episode with Dr. Dianne: 3-2-1 Podcasting with Nii Darko, DO

Stop, Breathe & Think Mobile App


Doctor Heal Myself by Dianne Ansari-Winn, MD  (to be published next year)

Reach her at: [email protected]


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