52 – Champion for the Health of NYC

Docs Outside The Box

52 – Champion for the Health of NYC

April 2, 2018

52 – Champion for the Health of NYC


It’s very important to have people from various backgrounds tell their stories on Docs Outside the Box. Whether it’s a voice from the suburbs or cities, the docs that I have on the show offer perspectives we ALL can learn from. There’s a lot of thought that goes into the process of figuring out who will be a good fit for the show. I’m really proud that my guests give great advice for you to live outside the box.

And that continues with my next guest….

My next guest is Dr. Aletha Maybank and she brings a very unique perspective on how we measure, determine and improve the health of a community. She works at one of the largest and oldest public health agencies in the world. Dr. Maybank is Deputy Commissioner at the NYC DOH & Mental Hygiene and is also the Director of the Center of Health Equity.

We talk about her early career as a hospitalist and how knowing what she did NOT want to do set her on a mission where she has trailblazed her own path to career fulfillment and happiness.

Things to pick up in this interview:

  • The difference between clinical medicine and public health
  • She’s impressive, but she shares a relatable moment of imposter syndrome
  • The difference between leadership and management
  • Intentional about what she doesn’t want
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Malcolm Gladwell – Outliers

Center for Health Equity

Stars of New York – Dance


Learn more about Dr. Aletha Maybank:

Story Collider

Essence Magazine  – 15 Black Women Who Are Paving the Way In STEM and Breaking Barriers


Follow Dr. Maybank:



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