49 – The creation of FemInEM – Dara Kass, MD

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49 – The creation of FemInEM – Dara Kass, MD

February 26, 2018

49 – The creation of FemInEM – Dara Kass, MD


On this episode, we get to hear from one of the leading voices for the advancement of women in medicine. FemInEM founder Dr. Dara Kass is passionate about creating an environment where women in Emergency Medicine can act as champions for one another.

She is the founder of FemInEM, an organization dedicated to the achievement of gender equity in emergency medicine. FemInEM serves as an open access resource for women in EM, a community focused on career development, physician support, and seeing women in medicine thrive. What began as a blog is now a movement, a multi-faceted community comprised women in medicine all over the world.

Dr. Kass, is a Clinical Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York City. After completing her residency at SUNY Downstate Medical School and Kings County Hospital, she served as faculty of Staten Island University Hospital, where she facilitated the start of their EM residency program. She previously served as the director of undergraduate medical education at NYU. As director, she introduced longitudinal career advising, innovative educational modalities, and numerous clinical experiences.

Things you’ll get from this episode:

  • What inspired her to be a physician.
  • Her experiences at a large urban hospital
  • The origin of FemInEM and what’s it’s like to create something and get buy-in
  • What does it really mean to be a change agent
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc


To learn more about Dr. Dara Kass check out:

Twitter: @darakass

FB Group:

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