48 – He’s the architect of his own future

Docs Outside The Box

48 – He’s the architect of his own future

March 12, 2018

48 – He’s the architect of his own future



DOTB Nation!

Recently, I flew to Los Angeles to interview an upcoming guest for the show. In LA, I stayed with an old friend of mine – Kwesi Asamoah. We met in college and have been friends ever since. That’s almost 20 years folks! Besides giving me a place to stay, he helped me with equipment checks and recording portions of the interview on camera.

There’s more to Kwesi than just a great friend. Not only does he love all things related to the NBA, he also enjoys world travel and surfing. He’s not all fun and games though, Kwesi is formally trained as both an engineer and architect – yeah he’s pretty smarty-art (Chris Rock reference).

Last year, Kwesi added architect outside the box to his repertoire when he chucked the deuces to his old employed life and started working as an independent contractor. He hasn’t looked back since.

He joined me for my first Docs Outside the Box meetup at WurstKuche restaurant in Venice a couple of weeks ago. We got there pretty early and I decided to interview him about what pushed him to live outside the box. He came correct and kept it 100%. I’m telling you docs…we can learn a lot from those who aren’t in the medical field. I bet those sitting on the fence can learn a lot from this interview.

Things to pick up in this interview:

  • What pushed him into bouncing from his employed position
  • The quote from a co-worker that gave him the confidence to embrace life as an independent contractor
  • How we bonded in college over Beer Pong/Why he hates the New York Knicks
  • His tips to make sure you don’t stumble when starting as an independent contractor
  • How he answers #imnotjustanengineer/architect


Recommendations by Kwesi Asamoah:

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Contact Kwesi Asamoah at:  [email protected]


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