105 – Wealth and Wellness with The Physician Philosopher

Docs Outside The Box

105 – Wealth and Wellness with The Physician Philosopher

April 22, 2019

105 – Wealth and Wellness with The Physician Philosopher

It’s been three years since Docs Outside the Box debuted on the podcast scene. It went very fast and I have learned a lot during this time. Check out Episode 100 for the lessons learned during this journey.

On this episode, we have former anonymous physician personal finance blogger – The Physician Philosopher. Like so many of his blogging counterparts, Dr. Jimmy Turner initially started out anonymous, but as of this year, he revealed his secret identity and hasn’t looked back since.

I brought him on the show to discuss his philosophy towards personal finance. I’ve enjoyed his approach, which focuses on the WHY behind our personal finance decisions. We often learn more from our mistakes than our wins, and Dr. Jimmy is not different. It seems he’s very comfortable discussing how his past mistakes has set him up for big wins now and in the future.


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