029 – Dr. Vicki Chan focuses on building a business empire

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029 – Dr. Vicki Chan focuses on building a business empire

September 18, 2017

029 – Dr. Vicki Chan focuses on building a business empire

Network marketing is a popular side-hustle among people who are not medical professionals. For various reasons, doctors have been slow to pick up this form of business. On this episode, we get to explore the ins and outs of network marketing with Vicki Chan, MD.

Besides being an amazing ophthalmologist, she currently runs a network marketing business with skin-care company Rodan+Fields. What first started off as turning her nose to the idea of network marketing, has now turned to a lucrative hustle that she now embraces. We get real in this conversation! She gives us a first-hand account into her self-imposed pressures of going part-time as an ophthalmologist, as well as the feedback she’s received from her colleagues on network marketing. 

Dr. Chan obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Southern California, then went across the county and completed her medical school training at Johns Hopkins Medical School. While in medical school she met Dr. Peter Kim – you know, from Episode 13 (An Anesthesiologist taking the pain away from the home buying experience) and the rest is history. She then obtained her ophthalmology training at UCLA.

Learn more about Dr. Chan’s Rodan+Fields business ( or contact her via email: [email protected]

Things to pick up in this episode:

  • What is network/direct marketing
  • How her husband’s skin care issues led her to network marketing
  • Why network marketing has allowed her to love the practice of medicine even more
  • The typical day of a successful network marketer
  • How she answers #imnotjustadoc

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