Share Your Story: Tim Sohn

Cancer U Thrivers Podcast

Share Your Story: Tim Sohn

March 29, 2022

Share Your Story: Tim Sohn

Tim Sohn is an almost 15-year survivor of chronic myeloid leukemia. He shared his story for the first time in June 2021. Tim is a husband, a dad to Megan, 10, and Katelyn, 6. He also owns his own business, Sohn Social Media Solutions, where he produces memorable live shows and virtual events. He also coaches impact-focused brands and nonprofits on how to create their own.

  • 03:46: Take us back to the very beginning. 
  • 05:37: I’ve reached out to leukemia survivors through LinkedIn. 
  • 07:54: Luckily there are several options when it comes to CML and oral chemo medication.  
  • 10:39: You don’t know what the cause of the headaches is? 
  • 12:45: What was her reaction when she did find out?  
  • 13:55: What was your worst moment?  
  • 15:10: What was your best moment? 
  • 17:19: What is the one thing you wish you had known at the beginning? 
  • 18:06: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the US?  
  • 20:22: Don’t take anything for granted. 
  • 22:52: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  
  • 24:50: Aside from Cancer U, what is one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers? 


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