Share Your Story: Patricia Doucet

Cancer U Thrivers Podcast

Share Your Story: Patricia Doucet

September 30, 2022

Share Your Story: Patricia Doucet

Patricia Doucet speaks and writes with clarity, compassion, and humor–encouraging women to never give up. A Christian wife, mother, cancer survivor, cancer caregiver, divorcee, mental health and relationship coach, artist, and pianist–she is on a mission to inspire women who are on their own journey–from brokenness to beloved.

  • 02:45: It was very slow-growing thyroid cancer.  
  • 04:14: I got another lump in the same place. 
  • 06:17: I have never heard of that kind of surgery. 
  • 08:54: Did you say anything to him at the next follow-up appointment? 
  • 11:05: I did a lot of therapy so I could keep my neck upright. 
  • 13:06: She had melanoma before I got cancer.  
  • 14:37: How was your experience as a caregiver different than when you were a patient?  
  • 15:06: What was your worst moment in those five years? 
  • 17:31: She had gotten breast cancer quite young. 
  • 19:20: What was your best moment?   
  • 22:17: I didn’t learn how to love myself 100% until my 40s.  
  • 23:27: What is one thing you wish you’d known at the beginning of your cancer journey?  
  • 24:26: If you could do one thing to improve health care in Canada, what would it be and why? 
  • 25:56: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions



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