Meet The Expert: Dr. Patrick Vickers

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Meet The Expert: Dr. Patrick Vickers

May 24, 2022

Meet The Expert: Dr. Patrick Vickers

Dr. Patrick Vickers is an expert on the indisputable, cellular science behind health and disease and the face of Gerson Therapy worldwide. He was trained by Dr. Gerson’s family and is one of the few people to have studied Dr. Gerson’s handwritten files. He continues to carry on Dr. Gerson’s legacy through his clinic, The Advanced Gerson Therapy Clinic, in Rosarito, Mexico, the world’s premier clinic for the natural treatment of cancer and advanced disease. Dr. Patrick Vickers is also featured in the epic documentary series, The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest, and one of his patients is also chronicled in the classic documentary, The Beautiful Truth.

  • 01:55: I wanted to be a chiropractor ever since I was 11 years old.  
  • 05:34: I didn’t quite understand that the human body could reverse advanced terminal cancer if you give it what it needs.  
  • 08:29: He would experiment in his grandma’s backyard with her soil.  
  • 10:34: What does that tell you about our society at that time?  
  • 15:06: He refused to treat her for her cancer with his tuberculosis treatment.  
  • 18:13: It was designed to give 100 million dollars in funding to anyone who could show promise in the realm of cancer research.  
  • 20:37: Could you imagine the red flags that went off when he started opening his mouth.  
  • 23:33: He became a marked man and became prohibited from publishing in all major medical journals around the world.  
  • 24:28: What was it like for you at the very beginning? 
  • 26:46: There’s an ugly side to treating advanced diseases and cancer in the bible. 
  • 28:23: Those laws of nature will no longer defend us today.  
  • 30:34: When you start to restore the nutrient status to the body, you restore the immune system.  
  • 32:15: The coffee enema is the most potent way to detoxify the human body.  
  • 33:47: How many times have you heard obesity is a predominant risk of getting cancer? 
  • 35:37: We’ve addressed the issue of toxicity with the coffee enemas. 
  • 37:40: He went on to describe how the body’s main ability to utilize oxygen was an alkaline diet.  
  • 39:15: That cell membrane has an electrical charge. 
  • 41:47: There’s no such thing as a good salt. 
  • 44:03: She comes into the Gerson Clinic in 2004 with terminal ovarian cancer.  
  • 46:03: She’s alive and well, completely cured.  
  • 49:18: Blood disorders shouldn’t be named cancers because they’re not; they’re blood disorders.  
  • 50:32: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the U.S., what would it be and why? 
  • 51:37: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions.  
  • 54:21: Aside from Cancer U, what’s one resource you would recommend for cancer patients and caregivers? 


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