Meet The Expert: Dr. Kumar Vasudevan

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Meet The Expert: Dr. Kumar Vasudevan

May 28, 2021

Meet The Expert: Dr. Kumar Vasudevan

Dr. Kumar Vasudevan is a neurosurgeon practicing in Atlanta, Georgia. He has a special interest in treating patients with brain tumors. He was inspired by his grandmother’s neurosurgeon, who performed a lifesaving operation for glioblastoma for free, and aspires to bring the same devotion and care to his patients.

  • 01:20: My grandmother, unfortunately, received this diagnosis of glioblastoma.
  • 02:20: Nothing quite interested me, like the brain.
  • 03:41: But it is a tumor that we have been fighting as neurosurgeons for as long as our field has been in existence.
  • 05:25: The first appointment with me for patients who have this suspected diagnosis of glioblastoma is very much an information-gathering session.
  • 06:40: And we’re going to learn things together about this tumor.
  • 07:20: We have had a quantum leap in our understanding of the factors underlying glioblastoma.
  • 09:40: And you mentioned subtypes. So how many subtypes do you know of as of today?
  • 11:28: I like to say about the brain that it’s like real estate. You know, what matters is location, location, location.
  • 13:36: It is simply random and that is true for the vast majority of patients.
  • 14:40: What has been your worst moment as a physician doing this work?
  • 16:13: You’ve been told your entire training to go, go, go help, help, help, and try to cure this thing.
  • 16:55: So, did medical school prepare you to have those kinds of talks with patients and their families?
  • 18:26: Can you tell me about a patient who really touched you?
  • 20:17: She did not want to pursue any sort of intervention.
  • 22:00: I think we get caught up many times with what we can do, as opposed to what our patients’ desires for their care are.
  • 23:08: What is the one thing tomorrow you wish you had known at the beginning of your journey as a physician in this field and this specialty?
  • 25:55: If you could only do one thing to improve health care in the US, what would it be and why?
  • 27:48: What is your opinion about EHRs?
  • 30:22: Thriver Rapid Fire Questions


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