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Fully Seen

Stacey and Callie explore the world of LGBTQ+ inclusive care with guests Dr. Margaret-Mary Wilson, Associate Chief Medical Officer at UnitedHealth Group and Dr. Dustin Nowaskie, founder and president of…
August 10, 2021

Fully Seen


  • Introduction | Callie and Stacey open the episode with a bit of orientation on the subject and a definition of terms.
  • 02:45 A personal story from Dr. Wilson | Dr. Wilson shares a story of her own experience with the prejudices faced by LGBTQ+ patients and their families when seeking care. 
  • 07:12 Interview: Dr. Wilson | Dr. Wilson discusses the health data on the LGBTQ+ community as a whole and how we need to look at the bigger picture of a person’s identity when it comes to understanding their health. The conversation continues with a discussion of how training can help equip health care providers to improve access for underserved groups like LGTBQ+ patients. Finally, Dr. Wilson’s interview concludes with a look at the things that are giving her hope and what she keeps in mind every day. 
  • 24:12 Interview: Dr. Nowaskie | This interview begins with an introduction to OutCare Health, an organization that provides information and resources to LGBTQ+ patients seeking health care, and its history. It then continues on to discussions of the work OutCare is doing, especially related to training on what Dr. Nowaskie calls “cultural competence.” Dr. Nowaskie concludes with a reflection on the human connection that is central to the connection between all people, and the importance of honoring that. 
  • 47:16 Trainings and conclusion | Stacey and Callie discuss the trainings that Drs. Wilson and Nowaskie mentioned, resources for providers, and tools for individuals on how to be an ally. 






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