Common Cents with Rachel Cruze

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Common Cents with Rachel Cruze

Today on The WoMed, financial expert Rachel Cruze joins D and Dani to give advice on all things personal finance, from student loan debt and credit scores to living a…
September 23, 2019

Common Cents with Rachel Cruze

Rachel Cruze ( joins D and Dani to tackle the overwhelming subject of personal finance and how best to achieve financial health. The WoMed’s Lubrication Question this week centers on the funniest things they’ve seen strangers do, which results in some very strange but equally hilarious responses. Rachel describes how she became involved in finance from a young age by traveling the country with her dad, her goal to help all people achieve financial success, and how she has managed to navigate the world without a credit score. The hosts reveal some of their biggest financial struggles and ask their most pressing financial questions including how to approach student loan debt, refinancing, and retirement. Rachel, D, and Dani uncover the biggest reasons people find themselves being financially irresponsible, which relates back to comparison culture and Instagram highlight reels. Check out Rachel’s show and podcast and find her on Instagram @RachelCruze to learn more!

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