#12 What's with the Pink Socks?

The Redox Podcast

#12 What's with the Pink Socks?

March 4, 2020

#12 What's with the Pink Socks?

Pink Socks Life is a nonprofit organization focused on promoting human connection around the world by socially supporting other public charities. If you have been to a health tech conference in the last five years, you’ve likely seen people wearing pinksocks with mustaches on them. Well, the movement began – somewhat accidentally – at the HIMSS conference in 2015.

Today, this community of over 100,000 happy smiley people are united in working to change the world from the ground up – with heart speak, hugs, and gifting. As HIMSS20 draws near, Niko Skievaski chatted with the founders of pinksocks – Nick Adkins and Andrew Richards. 

01:30 – The accidental start of pinksocks  

05:43 – Creating a shared cultural narrative

11:12 – How the “gifting” ethos at Burning Man struck a nerve with Nick 

15:40 – Expanding from healthcare into education 

20:30 – Additional charities that pinksocks works with

27:15 – How to get involved with the pinksocks movement

32:15 – Description of the pinksocks blog, which chronicles how pinksocks has impacted lives around the world

The pinksocks movement has grown from healthcare into all kinds of industries around the world. And, as stated on the pinksocks website – “The pinksocks are our reminder that shared connection is what it’s all about. Have fun! Smile! Give hugs! Life, it’s happening right now! Don’t miss it!”Our thanks to Nick Adkins and Andrew Richards for joining us on The Redox Podcast – and, more importantly, for spreading kindness through Pinksocks Life.

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