Nicole Cable, MHS, CPXP, LBBP Chief Experience Officer

The Healthcare QualityCast

Nicole Cable, MHS, CPXP, LBBP Chief Experience Officer

September 8, 2020

Nicole Cable, MHS, CPXP, LBBP Chief Experience Officer

Here in episode #82, Nicole walks us through her impressive career path going from call centers and hospitality, and into healthcare where an unfortunate care experience set the tone for her high-quality leadership focus; Nicole teaches us a great point about meeting both the expressed and unexpressed needs of our patients; She shares a dark moment story teaching us that we must fully understand our environment before we’re able to make changes; Nicole teaches us a service principle-centered around putting the employee first; She shares one her best strategies for empowering and engaging her team; Nicole gives us an aha moment that you all will absolutely want to consider using within your own organization; She spotlights on how COVID-19 has helped to dissolve many of our healthcare silos, And why quality and service is a marriage of necessity;

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