Fred Newmark, Managing Partner

The Healthcare QualityCast

Fred Newmark, Managing Partner

June 23, 2020

Fred Newmark, Managing Partner

Here in episode #71, Fred starts our show with a leadership mindset centered around giving value; Fred is a fellow entrepreneur that walks us through his impressive path as a physician recruiting and professional development; He gives us an overview of the physician recruitment process, as well as the major takeaway around developing as an expert; After a small mix up around our scripts, Fred highlights his approach for developing great teams connected with being genuine; Fred teaches us that we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; Fred shares the healthcare trends that he’s excited about and the role of healthcare leaders to promote its long term success; Fred shares a great perspective around creating think-tanks and teaches us the top decision factors that doctors consider in their job search efforts; In a twist to the show, Fred dodges around our best career advice question…then shares the best career advice that he’s ever given…only to close our show with some of the best career advice shared to date on our podcast.

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