Cheniqua Morales BSN, RNC Quality and Safety Improvement Strategist

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Cheniqua Morales BSN, RNC Quality and Safety Improvement Strategist

April 27, 2021

Cheniqua Morales BSN, RNC Quality and Safety Improvement Strategist

Cheniqua Morales is a Maternal Health Quality & Safety Nurse Consultant who specializes in advancing equitable care for black birthing people. She partners with leading hospitals and healthcare organizations to help them improve maternal health outcomes to reduce costs and maximize reimbursements. In addition to working with healthcare leaders, she also works as a community leader, empowering patients & families with tools and resources to take part in shared decisions regarding their prenatal and postpartum care.

Here in Episode #115, Cheniqua starts our show with the leadership mindset teaching us to never play small. Cheniqua shares with us her impressive career path going from a labor and delivery nurse, and to the world of community social support to improve black maternal health outcomes. We reflect on the “Elle-Effect” as we acknowledge her growth as a healthcare quality improvement consultant. Cheniqua shares how career wondering led to some of her most empowering moments as a healthcare leader. We speak on shared moments of racism throughout both of our careers.

Cheniqua shares how she leverages diversity and authenticity to develop strong relationships across her teams, and why asking questions is one of the most powerful tools that a quality person can employ. Cheniqua shares how she found her voice during great times of unrest. Her ah-ha moment on leveraging data for her mission. Cheniqua, shares a great mindset on how we can all get into the fight against inequalities. And she leaves us with the message of why it is OK to let go of what does not serve you best.

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