The One With Matt Holt: Self-Proclaimed “Healthcare Curmudgeon”

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The One With Matt Holt: Self-Proclaimed “Healthcare Curmudgeon”

October 8, 2020

The One With Matt Holt: Self-Proclaimed “Healthcare Curmudgeon”

Today on the show, if there ever were a human Wikipedia sentinel of digital health history, it would be Matt Holt, Founder of The Healthcare Blog (ca 2003), Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Health2.0, President at and self-proclaimed ‘Healthcare Curmudgeon.” Beyond the obvious “Wayback Machine” discourse, Matt genuinely takes us down the origin story rabbit hole to, pretty much, the exact moment when the tubes of the interweb met up with whatever an EMR was back when Must See TV was a thing. And now, 30+ years later, we have today’s monopolistic, dystopian, and antithetical dumpster fire. But good things have happened along the way, thanks to pioneers, or self-proclaimed “forecasters,” like Matt Holt — and we have indeed come so far from the days of ARPANET, IRC, AOL floppy disks. So let the curmodgeoning commence and regale at my conversation with the one and only — and deservedly British — Matt Holt.

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