Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Don't Make an App

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Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Don't Make an App

April 12, 2022

Eat Healthy, Exercise, and Don't Make an App

Today I talk to Gene Gurkoff, the founder and CEO of Charity Miles. It’s a fitness app that helps people raise money for their favorite charities through corporate sponsorships. Gene started running marathons to raise funds for Parkinson’s research after his grandfather was diagnosed with the disease, and he helped to found the Fox Foundation with Michael J. Fox. Later Gene founded Charity Miles to help employees convert their steps into money for places like the Fox Foundation and other charitable groups. Gene gives his tips for healthy living: eat right, exercise, and don’t make an app. He also recommends two of his favorite books: Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough and Once a Runner by John Parker.

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