Detecting “Pre-cancer” Is the New Prevention with Dr. Lishan Aklog

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Detecting “Pre-cancer” Is the New Prevention with Dr. Lishan Aklog

September 13, 2022

Detecting “Pre-cancer” Is the New Prevention with Dr. Lishan Aklog

Fran Drescher once said, “Stage 1 is the cure.” Not any longer. Medical technology and genetics have come so far these days that it’s now possible never to get cancer in the first place. At least some cancers that is. No, we’re not talking about “prevention” in the traditional sense. My in-studio guest Dr. Lishan Aklog and I talk about “pre-cancer,” a condition where cells in your body that are at risk of becoming cancer can now be detected and treated before any actual malignancy begins. How unbelievably insane is that? Lishan is an acclaimed thoracic surgeon and entrepreneur who once fled political violence in Ethiopia as a child and now helms PAVMed, a truly next-gen enterprise bringing to market these miraculous tests that can detect pre-cancer. Deservedly so, Lishan was recently named a Top 50 Healthcare/Technology CEO of 2021 and speaks to such essential issues as empathy in medicine, fighting with the FDA, and boiling down complex medical jargon so the average human can understand it. How novel. Enjoy the show.

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