[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” with Gabe Howard

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[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” with Gabe Howard

November 18, 2020

[BONUS] “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant” with Gabe Howard

On today’s episode of “Jen Horonjeff is Noncompliant,” Jen talks with Gabe Howard, patient advocate, author of “Mental Illness is an Asshole,” and host of the PsychCentral podcast. As a “mental health advocate,” Gabe first unpacks how ridiculous it is that all mental health gets lumped together. And herein lies the problem: There is often a one-size-fits-all approach to mental health, one that usually leaves many people behind, especially those who lack essential resources like food, shelter, and insurance, as well as tech and broadband. Please tune in to hear the barriers many patients face when trying to improve and maintain their mental health, along with some of the best analogies you’ve ever heard. More about Gabe Howard here.

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