57 – The Art of being a Physician

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57 – The Art of being a Physician

May 21, 2018

57 – The Art of being a Physician


What’s good DOTB Nation!!

We got physician and artistic sensation, Dr. Mike Natter on today’s episode! He has followed his dreams and it’s paying dividends for him right now. Dr. Natter has a knack for creativity and has been using his own illustrations to make difficult medical concepts easier for himself. And his drawings are really dope! As a matter of fact, he became an overnight sensation when some of his illustrations made it on social media. Currently, he has over 77k Instagram followers. Things were not so peachy for Dr. Natter prior to medical school. On this show he lets us know all the potholes and detours he faced when trying to get into medical school. Pre-meds, you’re going to want to listen to this episode!!

Learn more about Dr. Natter:

Instagram: @mike.natter

Buzzfeed article


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