51 – Make money while you sleep

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51 – Make money while you sleep

March 19, 2018

51 – Make money while you sleep


Make money while you sleep.

Well, my next guest has something to say about this…and he’s making it easier for all you docs to start setting up passive streams of income! My guest is PIMD.

Passive Income MD jumped on the show this week to discuss how to not be so damn reliant on your day job. He too felt the pressures of trading time for dollars and took his knack for real estate to the blogosphere and the rest is history. In two years, the website has become a regular go-to for physicians looking to make money outside of medicine.

Recently, his site joined forces with The White Coat Investor Network – congratulations!

Things to pick up in this episode:

  • Why he’s anonymous with his persona
  • Why he started the blog
  • His definition of passive income
  • His recommendations for those looking to develop passive income
  • How he answers #imnotjustadoc

Great Quote: “There’s never a good time to start anything. There’s always a good reason not to.”

Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

The best place to start on his page:

The list of Physician Side Hustles

Check out our sponsor Set for Life Insurance:

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