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#11 – Brian Dolan: AI, mathematics, and the future of technology.

Brian Dolan is a Los Angeles-based mathematician, inventor, and cyberneticist. Brian excels at translating complex business problems into tractable mathematical solutions. He leverages 10 years of C-level experience with premier brands such as MySpace, Ya-hoo, Greenplum, and Deep6 AI. He also advises multiple companies from seed to growth stage. Currently, Brian leads Verdant AI an innovation lab and startup studio that advances technological breakthroughs in AI with a special focus on health and ecology. We talked about how AI reflects the culture of our civilization, the best approaches for creating MVPs of AI-related products, and the future of technology. 
June 27, 2021

#10 – Aline Noizet: Building digital health communities.

Aline Noizet is a connector by heart. She is passionate about innovation and new technologies applied to healthcare. Aline is the founder of Digital Health Connector, a boutique consulting firm focused on digital health, and the co-founder of Digital Health Innovators Barcelona, a successful local community that has been bringing together the actors of the digital health ecosystem for the past 9 years. Aline has strong international experience working with startups, helping them scale up and connect with corporate companies. She was the Program Manager for Bayer G4A (Grants4Apps) and Business Development Director for Health 2.0. Aline is also actively supporting Frontiers Health, SXSW, Medica, and Vision Health Pioneers. We talked about building communities, accelerators, pitching, and networking in digital health.  Links to things mentioned by Aline: Events Frontiers Health: DTx Europe: DTx East: DTx West: eHealth University: HLTH: Giant Health: Exponential Medicine: Barcelona Health Hub Summit: Communities:  One HealthTech: FemTech Focus: Barcelona Health Hub:
June 18, 2021

#9 – Carmen Rios and Marc Recasens: Virtual Reality applications in mental health.

Carmen Rios is the Vice President International at Limbix, and Marc Recasens serves as Clinical Director at Limbix and Research Director at BehaVR. Limbix creates digital therapeutics for adolescent mental health, and BehaVR builds VR experiences to educate, motivate, and activate healthy behavior.  We talked about the future of VR in mental health, the most significant use cases, and the role of education in overcoming the stigma of mental illness. 
June 11, 2021

#8 – Eugene Borukhovich: Digital Therapeutics.

Eugene Borukhovich is a serial intra and entrepreneur, executive, venture builder, speaker & board advisor with a focus in digital health. Eugene is a Chairman and COO at YourCoach Health. Prior to YourCoach, Eugene served as a Global Head of Digital Health at Bayer. He has also co-founded and sold a doctor rating startup and a consulting company. Eugene is one of the kindest and most inspiring people I had the pleasure to meet in the digital health ecosystem.  You can listen to his Digital Therapeutics Edition with Eugene Borukhovich podcast here.
June 5, 2021

#7 – Peter Orzechowski: Creating a virtual General Practitioner.

Peter Orzechowski is the founder and CEO of Infermedica. Peter’s team creates AI-powered healthcare solutions that help doctors deliver efficient, safe, and reliable care to their patients. Infermedica performed over 7M health checkups, supports 18 languages, and the diagnostic engine reached a 93% accuracy rate.  We talked about creating a virtual GP, healthcare b2b market, fundraising, and more!
May 28, 2021

#6 – Aviel Ginzburg: Simply Measured, Voice AI interfaces, and putting founders first.

Aviel Ginzburg is a General Partner at Founders' Co-op and former Managing Director of the Alexa Accelerator. In 2010 Aviel co-founded Simply Measured, one of Founders' Co-op's first investments, and was later backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, Trinity Ventures, and MHS capital. When Simply Measured sold to Sprout Social at the end of 2017, Aviel transitioned into his current role as General Partner. Aviel is one of the most intelligent, sincere, and colorful investors I know.
May 21, 2021

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Dr. Oskar Kiwic, MD

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