Empower, Align, Evolve and Boss Up with Angela Lewis

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Empower, Align, Evolve and Boss Up with Angela Lewis

February 7, 2021

Empower, Align, Evolve and Boss Up with Angela Lewis

There is a lot of talk around the word and events that focus on empowerment and what it really means in regard to getting things done. Some say that empowerment events are not actionable because they don’t move most past motivation, which can be fleeting. Others say some of them can be mean girl events, lol. My guest, Angela Lewis, an empowerment producer, coach and publisher who goes a lot deeper into the word and the actions that follow it. She believes empowerment is only the first step. Solutions and results must play a part in the process. Life alignment is so much bigger than “things” lining up. Every day you make decisions that affect the path you are traveling on. Sometimes, in your life you realize that you have created unsustainable habits and behaviors in your life that you need to deal with. These things create stress and overwhelm, often making us feel like we will never move beyond where we are because the weight of them are just too much to fight at times. Visit us at for the show notes.

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