Behaviors, Mindset and Conditioning with Shmeka Gibson

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Behaviors, Mindset and Conditioning with Shmeka Gibson

June 20, 2021

Behaviors, Mindset and Conditioning with Shmeka Gibson

Shmeka is a business powerhouse who has a passion for psychology and helping people improve their mindset for success in their relationships, life and business. Budgeting, spending habits and relationship building are just some of the multiple ways Changing The Mindset Inc. is impacting the world on a global scale! Cyber-bullying is a new initiative they have undertaken to combat stress and depression, emphasize self-love and enrich interactions with other people. Among the mindset work that needs to be done in most of our lives, family relationships and the thought process around them are complex and strong. This is just one aspect of many mental health concepts discussed in this episode. Go to for the full show notes.

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