Business Lessons From My Dad, Dr. Chineme Part 1

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Business Lessons From My Dad, Dr. Chineme Part 1

July 8, 2021

Business Lessons From My Dad, Dr. Chineme Part 1

I recently lost my dad. He lived a full life and took his final rest at 85 years old. 

He had always said he will die before my mom, and peacefully in his sleep. Well… He did just that. He lived the way he wanted, and he died the way he wanted. He had an amazing life.

I chose to take a moment to document all the lessons I learned from his life and on today's episode of the EntreMD Podcast, I share some of the business lessons with you.

For instance, he grew up in a mud hut in Nigeria and chased his dream relentlessly until he became a U.S trained surgeon in the 70s. My dad’s story will inspire you to become the person who believes. Believe in your dreams and believe you have what it takes (no matter the odds) to make it. 

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