The Cancer Support Community: A 101 with Linda Bohannon

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The Cancer Support Community: A 101 with Linda Bohannon

February 2, 2021

The Cancer Support Community: A 101 with Linda Bohannon

Today on the show, I welcome Linda Bohannon, President of The Cancer Support Community, the largest nonprofit provider of social and emotional support for anyone touched by cancer. An oncology nurse by trade, Linda and I go back to a time long before Stupid Cancer. In the mid-2000s, she was running “Advocacy Relations” for Lilly Oncology during the official US launch of Lilly Oncology On Canvas, which was a groundbreaking effort for its time that you will hear more about in our conversation. Now, The Cancer Support Community itself has a 40-year backstory worth appreciating, and Linda takes us down that rabbit hole, including her stint as a high school student volunteering for the organization she would one day lead. We also talk about the current state of nursing, including COVID’s impact on the profession, the hope for a turnaround in the nursing shortage, the struggles of carrying the emotional burden of work home with you, rounded out with nonprofit leadership lifehacks during a global pandemic. Enjoy the show.

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