Jessica Firger and That Time I Was on the Cover of Newsweek

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Jessica Firger and That Time I Was on the Cover of Newsweek

June 14, 2022

Jessica Firger and That Time I Was on the Cover of Newsweek

Remember that time I was on the cover of Newsweek? Great. If not, well, you do. Several people were responsible for taking the risk of bringing the young adult cancer movement’s cause to the national spotlight, and Jessica Firger sits on that “Mount Rushmore.” At the time, Jess was a senior health writer at Newsweek, but this award-winning health journalist has a storied career, having held posts at CBS News, CNN, Everyday Health, and others. On today’s show, Jess joins me live in-studio for a genuine conversation about our current state of healthcare journalism, her perspective on society living with COVID-19, and the enormous burden patient advocates have laid in front of them to make healthcare suck less. Jess’ writing has been featured in numerous national media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal,, Elemental, TIME, New York Times, Marie Claire, Elle and Salon, and others. And she made appearances as an expert on MSNBC, BBC News, Fox & Friends, and NPR. In her time, she’s covered a significant range of topics: The heavy burden of infectious diseases on public health; research that’s altering how we understand and treat chronic medical conditions; the innovations that prove the future of medicine is happening right now; the social determinants of health; and the science behind wellness. Follow Jess on Twitter @JessFirger and enjoy the show.

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