FemTech, Dad Bods, and the Mental Health of Aging Well

Out of Patients with Matthew Zachary

FemTech, Dad Bods, and the Mental Health of Aging Well

December 17, 2020

FemTech, Dad Bods, and the Mental Health of Aging Well

On the show today, I welcome two very inspirational guests. Fard Johnmar is a digital health innovator I met in 2005 before “The Internet” was a thing. He was ahead of his time then, and he’s ahead of his time 15 years later. And Denise Pines is truly a force to be reckoned with. Here come lots of well-deserved syllables: President of the Medical Board of California, social justice warrior, award-winning documentary film producer, Founder of WisePause, and the energy behind the FemAging Project, which is the subject of today’s show. Does aging suck? Or is it an opportunity? What does “Aging Well” mean? How do we know what to expect when we can’t possibly know when we’re expecting to turn 40? 50? 60? What role does peer-to-peer lifehackery play to help women navigate this part of their lives with support, dignity, and style? This is FemTech in real-time, and it’s helping to specifically raise the voices and the profiles of older women of color, a generally overlooked group in innovation research, investment, and development. From the nice-to-have to the need-to-have, it’s less about dressing for success as it is to dress for the body you have now. And YES, I just said that whilst staring at my dad bod. Enjoy the show.

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