Can Science Speak “Person”?: A Quandary for Dr. Catharine Young

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Can Science Speak “Person”?: A Quandary for Dr. Catharine Young

August 6, 2020

Can Science Speak “Person”?: A Quandary for Dr. Catharine Young

On today’s show, returning champion Dr. Catharine Young, former Senior Director of Science Policy at the Biden Cancer Initiative, and current Executive Director at the SHEPHERD foundation. A human of many hats, she’s also a TED Fellow, Presidential Leadership Scholar, and Doctor of Philosophy with one of the most awesomely sardonic Twitter feeds around @CatYoung. Catharine was one of my very first guests on the program, SO if you want to hop in your Delorean and check out Episode 5 from March 26th. This time around, we talk COVID-ish stuff, pivoting your nonprofits in a crisis, helping scientists learn to speak “person,” the egregious misgivings of confirmation bias during a pandemic, and how the science of ophthalmology must change perfect vision to 2019 or 2021 because 2020 is dead to us and there forever shall no longer be hindsight as we know it.

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