033 – That 1099 vs W2 Life with Dave Denniston

Docs Outside The Box

033 – That 1099 vs W2 Life with Dave Denniston

October 16, 2017

033 – That 1099 vs W2 Life with Dave Denniston

My next guest is Dave Denniston who is a Chartered Financial Analyst that works with physicians. He also is a fellow podcaster and hosts the Freedom Formula for Physicians Podcast. I am definitely a fan of the podcast and this is due to his knowledge, consistency, and genuineness. The show covers a wide range of relevant topics to docs including student loan debt, burnout, and reducing tax burden.

I brought him on the show to talk about how the Docs Outside the Box Nation can learn to manage taxes more efficiently. Don’t dismiss this podcast – you’ll going to learn a lot from this interview. This is a very important subject especially if you plan on living outside the box, which is quite different than a W2 situation.

Dave is also an author of four books that you can find on right now:

Things you’ll learn in this episode:

  • Dave shares his touching personal story as to why he works with doctors
  • Compare and contrast W2 vs 1099
  • Is there a risk to being an independent contract and the public service loan forgiveness program
  • What’s the difference between a LLC and a S corporation
  • How tax deductions help business owners
  • Common tax deductions that he sees physicians miss all the time


Disclaimer: ***Please see your Tax CPA before taking this advice***


Links talked about during the show:

7 Financial Lessons from The Doc Outside the Box


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