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Health Affairs This Week

Health Affairs editors discuss this week's most pressing health policy news.

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What's the deal with hospital mergers?

Listen to Health Affairs' Jessica Bylander and Jeff Byers talk about the latest data on hospital mergers and why Microsoft is acquiring the health tech firm Nuance Communications.
April 16, 2021

A renewed effort to address the opioid epidemic

It’s National Public Health Week, and HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra just renewed the agency’s emergency declaration for the opioid crisis. Listen to Senior Editor Leslie Erdelack and Health Equity Director Vabren Watts discuss why.
April 9, 2021

Drug pricing on the agenda for massive infrastructure bill

Listen to Chris Fleming and Washington University's Rachel Sachs break down H.R. 3, which contains a series of far-reaching drug pricing reforms that could be included as part of a massive infrastructure package proposal.
April 2, 2021

Elevating women's voices in health policy during Women's History Month

Listen to Vabren Watts and Jessica Bylander discuss Women's History Month, all the great work women have contributed to the Health Affairs community, and the latest on COVID-19 vaccines and their impact on pregnant women.
March 26, 2021

In addressing vaccine hesitancy, how the message is delivered matters

Listen to Leslie Erdelack and Rob Lott discuss vaccine hesitancy, what it is, how it relates to COVID-19 herd immunity, and how health care professionals can connect targeted messaging campaigns to vaccine hesitant individuals via trusted resources such as physicians.
March 19, 2021

American Rescue Plan addresses the Affordable Care Act's unfinished business

Listen to Chris Fleming and Katie Keith break down the American Rescue Plan and how it impacts health and health care, including Medicaid expansion incentives, premium tax credit claw backs for 2020, and the ACA's unfinished business.
March 11, 2021

Health Affairs This Week

Health Affairs This Week places listeners at the center of health policy’s proverbial water cooler. Each week, our trusted editors – sometimes with help from special guests and thought leaders – discuss this week’s most pressing health policy news. This Week catches you up on what’s going down and what to expect in the field of health policy. All in 15 minutes or less.
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