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Exploring the Entrepreneurial Journey of Healthcare Founders.

The Regulation of AI in Healthcare

Meet Suchi SariaSuchi Saria is the John C. Malone Associate Professor of computer science at the Whiting School of Engineering and of statistics and health policy at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. She directs the Machine Learning and Healthcare Lab and is the founding research director of the Malone Center for Engineering in Healthcare. Key Insights:Suchi Saria is focusing on making A.I. work at the point of care.  Consumers Lead. Leadership has been reluctant to implement cutting edge technology, but consumers are beginning to demand its implementation. Is A.I. inevitable? Professor Saria believes it is. The question is how, and what, and where can the new technology be most useful. Decade in the Making. Prioritization takes time, but in the decade since the EMRs have been the norm, much progress has been made.  Relevant Links:Read more about Suchi SariaRead more about Bayesian Health
August 1, 2023

A.I. & Precision Analytics

Meet Elliott GreenElliott Green is CEO and Co-founder of Dandelion Health AI. Experienced in healthcare, technology and finance, Elliott has demonstrated an ability to develop and implement complex business strategy—in particular, for international expansion and revenue growth. Key Insights:Elliott Green co-founded Dandelion Health to make data more accessible and innovation easier. Follow the money. If you work out the alignment of incentives, you can often get to the answer that’s going to take you to the right place. Why A.I.?. Artificial Intelligence has the capacity to take an incredible amount of information and produce relatively simple outputs. This is a perfect fit for the healthcare industry.Change from within. Dandelion is partnering with hospital systems to produce one of the largest scalable data sets available to innovators.  Relevant Links:Read more about Dandelion HealthRead more about Elliott Green
July 11, 2023

Principled Profit

Meet Adam LyddaneAdam Lyddane, PharmD, is CEO and Co-founder of Superlanet. With more than 20 years of healthcare and IT leadership experience, Adam has an extensive understanding of, and knowledge in the implementation of healthcare technology, clinical process redesign, consumer market strategy development, and clinical adoption strategy development for leading hospital systems in the United States and Europe.  Key Insights:Adam Lyddane co-created a successful healthcare IT professional services firm. Value of Independence. Staying independently owned has allowed Superlanet to stay focused on what’s important and on quality of service. Jumping In. Once you’ve (realistically) assessed the risk and your tolerance for risk, make the decision—and stick to your business plan, Adam advises.Hire right early. Make your core team with care. With a foundation of competence and trust, success is sure to follow!  Relevant Links:Read more about SuperlanetRead more about Adam Lyddane
June 27, 2023

Data Opportunities

Meet the Guests:Mitesh Rao, M.D., MHS is Founder and CEO of OMNY Health; Dr. Brian Fengler is Co-founder, EvidenceCare, and Dr. Bea Bakshi is CEO and Co-founder, C the Signs. This episode is about the challenge presented by the new data landscape in healthcare.Data as language. Dr. Rao suggests that the central challenge of the new data is to find a way to make it common, shared, across the industry. A translator is needed.Can data recommend treatment? With his Co-founder Jim Jamieson, Dr. Fengler is bringing clinical insights and nudges into the physician’s workflow.Actionable data. According to Dr. Bakshi, a surplus of data threatens to paralyze physicians. Making it accessible at point of care makes data much more useful.This episode is a mash-up of previous Day Zero guests. Relevant Links:Read more about Mitesh RaoRead more about Brian FenglerRead more about Bea Bakshi
June 6, 2023

A Blueprint for Startups

Meet Eric LangshurEric Langshur is the founder and Managing Partner of Abundant Venture Partners, a purpose-based incubator focused on improving the human condition by creating companies that improve Human Wellness, Human Performance and Human Engagement. Eric is also the founder and Executive Chairman of AVIA, the nation’s leading healthcare innovation network. Key Insights:Eric Langshur has designed a blueprint for starting a successful business. Is Entrepreneurship a Process? Eric has identified concrete steps that take startups from ideation to validation and launch. It’s a pattern that works.Create Collaboration. Make a product that’s going to make the world better, as that will draw potential collaborators and people will want to be involed. Tech Reorganizes. History shows that the introduction of new technology often catalyzes the reorganization of major institutions.  Relevant Links:Order Eric Langshur’s book, Start Here: Master the Lifelong Habit of WellbeingRead more about Abundant Venture Partners
May 30, 2023

Addressing Financial Toxicity

Meet Ruby GadelrabRuby Gadelrab is the CEO and Co-Founder of MDisrupt. She is a seasoned digital health executive with a track record in successfully commercializing healthcare and healthtech products. She served on the executive team at 23andMe as VP of commercial marketing and has worked for many leading companies in the biotech and genetic spaces. Before founding MDisrupt, Ruby consulted for, advised, and mentored more than 25 digital health companies. Key Insights:Ruby Gadelrab is working to ensure that new healthcare products are aligned with physicians’ needs. What was missing? Ruby noticed talented, passionate individuals with access to capital failing to bring health products that can actually scale.Aligning Needs. By involving physicians in the product development process, MDisrupt ensures the creation of products that really work.The Market Leads. Ruby left a dream job to start this business, because she saw an unmet market need, and she had a good sense of how to fix the problem.  Relevant Links:Read more about Ruby GadelrabRead more about Mdisrupt
May 23, 2023

A Common Data Language

Meet Mitesh RaoMitesh Rao, M.D., MHS is the Founder and CEO of OMNY Health, a venture-backed company revolutionizing how healthcare data is shared and valued. Key Insights:OMNY Health is working to ensure that data becomes more accessible and more useful. What was the problem? Data is very different between organizations, sometimes even in the same EMR. There has been a lack of a common data model.Democratizing Data. By providing a common data language, OMNY hopes to make data more accessible to physicians and patients. Physician-entrepreneurs. Mitesh says that physicians and nurses alike have more transferable skills than they realize, and encourages all to consider entrepreneurialism. Relevant Links:Read about OMNY HealthRead more about Dr. Rao
May 16, 2023

Leveraging Your Network

Meet Dr. Brian Fengler and Jim JamiesonCo-Founders Dr. Brian Fengler and Jim Jamieson are the brains behind EvidenceCare, an EHR-integrated platform that optimizes clinical workflows to deliver better patient care, improve physicians’ workflow, capture more revenue, and reduce costs. Dr. Fengler left a career as an emergency medicine physician to focus full-time on his work with EvidenceCare in 2016, where he now serves as Chief Medical Officer. Prior to EvidenceCare, Jim Jamieson built and led sales and implementation teams while serving as VP of Business Development for national revenue cycle companies, a background that prepared him to serve as Chief Revenue Officer with EvidenceCare. Key Insights:Brian and Jim are working to provide a product that streamlines physician workflow. Time Suck. Physicians are so busy that they will tend to resist any new product put before them—even a product that promises to save them time. What’s the Problem with Order Sets? Order Sets are not patient-specific (enough). EvidenceCare offers more detailed recommendations for particular patients.Leverage Your Network. Jim advises early-stage entrepreneurs to begin leveraging their networks for advice and other support right from the start.  Relevant Links:Read more about Jim JamiesonRead more about Dr. Brian Fengler
May 9, 2023
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Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council members are influential innovators and entrepreneurs in healthcare who have daily contact with the most interesting and impactful founders. Drawing from their individual body of work, knowledge and experience, each member of our Advisory Council contributes to the curation of unique and compelling stories of founders and their journeys.

-Aaron Martin, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Providence; Managing General Partner, Providence Ventures

-Julie Yoo, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz, Co-founder, Kyruus

-Marcus Osborne, Senior Vice President, Walmart Health

-Lynne Chou O'Keefe, Founder and Managing Partner, Define Ventures

-Suchi Saria, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Bayesian Health

-Nathan Bays, Healthcare M&A, Citi

-Donald Trigg, Former President, Cerner Corporation.

-Rich Roth, SVP and Chief Strategic Officer, CommonSpirit Health

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