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Day Zero

Exploring the Entrepreneurial Journey of Healthcare Founders.

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5: The Human Variable

Meet Ryan Wells:Ryan Wells is the founder and CEO of Health Here, a consumer patient platform that smooths the healthcare process. Ryan also founded InVivoLink and served as its Chairman and CEO. Prior, Ryan spent 12 years with Johnson & Johnson DePuy Orthopedics, working in sales and management. He received a Bachelor’s in Anthropology at the University of Tennessee and sits on the board of Directors for Siloam Family Health Center, Ethiopia ACT, and Oak Hill School.Key Insights:Artificial intelligence and big data can inform healthcare; however, healthcare should never lose its human touch. Ryan explores his journey through healthcare technology and founding his own digital solutions.The Human Variable. Due to constraints in data quality, Ryan believes that AI should be applied to only non-clinical parts of healthcare at this time. Additionally, AI will likely never displace the relationship between provider and patient, rather augment other aspects of the healthcare journey. (7:36)Problem-Solution Cycle. Observation and pattern recognition allows you to get to the root of a problem, and creating solutions requires timing and decisiveness. If you make a bad decision, don’t worry. Ryan emphasizes that bad decisions can often be unwound. Besides, solutions often create more problems to solve. It’s part of the process of invention. (12:43)Humility. Humility is fundamental to the early journey of entrepreneurs. It might be necessary to shift from the original vision, and success requires understanding the consumer and market, especially for more disruptive businesses. (17:50)This episode is hosted by Marcus Osborne. He is a member of the Advisory Council for Day Zero and is the Senior Vice President for Walmart Health.Relevant Links:Read more about Health Here“The Health Here Story” by Ryan Wells“Innovator CEO Profile: Health Here’s Ryan Wells” by Health Evolution
November 30, 2021

4: Putting Humanity in Healthcare

Meet Alexandra Drane:Alexandra Drane is an entrepreneur extraordinaire. Currently, she is the co-founder and CEO of ARCHANGELS. Previously, she co-founded Eliza Corporation, Engage with Grace, Seduce Health, and Rebel Health. She served as a Wellness Expert for Prudential Financial and is also a cashier-on-leave for Walmart. She is a board member or advisor for many organizations including RAND Health, Open Notes, and Harvard Medical School’s Executive Council of the Division of Sleep Medicine.Key Insights:For Alexandra, community is the front line of health. She believes that healthcare should be driven by love and compassion, and that we are all more alike as humans than we are different.Humanity in Healthcare. Alexandra shares a personal anecdote about how healthcare is sometimes rigid and callous to the very patients it’s supposed to serve. Healthcare should be guided by kindness, support, and most importantly, love. (12:49)Don’t Get Comfortable. Making assumptions is risky. Especially with COVID-19, much of healthcare is in uncharted territory. If you feel confident that you have all the right answers, be afraid because that bubble might pop. (19:57)Life on the Edge. Part of being an entrepreneur is experiencing the constant whiplash between success and failure. There will always be ups and downs, so make sure to have a support system for the downs. At the same time, not everyone needs to be an entrepreneur, and that’s okay. (24:46)This episode is hosted by Marcus Osborne. He is a member of the Advisory Council for Day Zero and is the Senior Vice President for Walmart Health.Relevant Links:Read more about ArchangelsListen to her TEDMED talk: “What five questions can save your Life or end it?”“Supporting unpaid caregivers in crisis: A talk with Alexandra Drane” by McKinsey & CompanyFollow Alexandra on Twitter  
November 23, 2021

3: Meet the Hosts: Marcus Osborne

In this episode, we get to know Day Zero Advisory Council member Marcus Osborne. Marcus Osborne serves as Senior Vice President, Walmart Health, where he is focused on furthering Walmart’s goal of providing quality healthcare that is affordable and accessible.
November 19, 2021

2: Removing the Opacity in Healthcare

Meet Chris Severn:Chris Severn is the CEO and co-founder of Turquoise Health, which is an online platform that facilitates healthcare price transparency for patients, providers, and payers. Chris previously founded the organizations Acosta and Improv Bridge. His experience with hospital revenue cycles began as a consultant for Triage Consulting Group. Chris has a degree in Business Administration and Management from UC Berkeley.Key Insights:Turquoise Health will hit its one year mark this December. Chris shares his advice for early-stage startup founders and insights into price transparency.Staying True to their Vision. Chris and his co-founder found that some investors wanted to utilize their product to maintain the status quo of healthcare price opacity. They stuck to their mission of transparency, and were able to find the right investors and clients that shared their vision. (13:43)Take Care of Yourself.Chris shares that he recently took a vacation. Startup founders often don’t let themselves take breaks, but Chris knows he performs best when balanced. The pandemic put in perspective that Turquoise is important to him, but other aspects of life are important too. (26:04)Go All In! For a long time, Chris tried to “dip his toe in the water” in starting Turquoise, without fully committing. He shares that Turquoise really took off once he went all in. (28:15)Relevant Links:Check out Turquoise HealthFollow Chris Severn on Twitter“Chris Severn, Turquoise Health, on Bringing Price Transparency to Healthcare” by The Pulse by Wharton Digital Health“Tech Firm Opens Price Transparency Platform to Researchers For Free” by Health Leaders Media
November 16, 2021

1: Meet the Hosts: Julie Yoo

In this episode, we get to know Day Zero advisory council member Julie Yoo. Julie serves as General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz where she leads investments in healthcare technology, with a focus on companies that are modernizing how we access, pay for, and experience the healthcare system.
November 12, 2021

Day Zero Trailer

Day Zero is a podcast where founders share their unique journey. Behind every company is an individual or group of individuals with ambition, goals, and dreams. On Day Zero, you’ll hear the engaging voices of these founders as they tell their story, from their perspective, and in their words.
November 5, 2021

Day Zero

Day Zero is a podcast where founders share their unique journeys. Behind every company is an individual or group of individuals with ambition, goals, and dreams. On Day Zero, you’ll hear the engaging voices of these founders as they tell their stories, from their perspectives, and in their words.
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Advisory Council

Advisory Council

Our Advisory Council members are influential innovators and entrepreneurs in healthcare who have daily contact with the most interesting and impactful founders. Drawing from their individual body of work, knowledge and experience, each member of our Advisory Council contributes to the curation of unique and compelling stories of founders and their journeys.

-Aaron Martin, EVP and Chief Digital Officer, Providence; Managing General Partner, Providence Ventures

-Julie Yoo, General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz, Co-founder, Kyruus

-Marcus Osborne, Senior Vice President, Walmart Health

-Lynne Chou O'Keefe, Founder and Managing Partner, Define Ventures

-Suchi Saria, Ph.D., Founder and CEO, Bayesian Health

-Nathan Bays, Healthcare M&A, Citi

-Donald Trigg, Former President, Cerner Corporation.

-Rich Roth, SVP and Chief Strategic Officer, CommonSpirit Health

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