A Common Data Language

Day Zero

A Common Data Language

In this episode, hosted by Rishi Sikka, guest Mitesh Rao, M.D., discusses founding OMNY Health, and explains his company’s focus on creating a common data language to make healthcare data…
May 16, 2023

A Common Data Language

Meet Mitesh Rao

Mitesh Rao, M.D., MHS is the Founder and CEO of OMNY Health, a venture-backed company revolutionizing how healthcare data is shared and valued.

Key Insights:

OMNY Health is working to ensure that data becomes more accessible and more useful.


What was the problem? Data is very different between organizations, sometimes even in the same EMR. There has been a lack of a common data model.

Democratizing Data. By providing a common data language, OMNY hopes to make data more accessible to physicians and patients. 

Physician-entrepreneurs. Mitesh says that physicians and nurses alike have more transferable skills than they realize, and encourages all to consider entrepreneurialism.


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