Addressing Financial Toxicity

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Addressing Financial Toxicity

In this episode, host Rishi Sikka speaks with Ruby Gadelrab, CEO and Co-founder, MDisrupt. They discuss Ruby’s choice to leave a dream job to become an entrepreneur, and speak about…
May 23, 2023

Addressing Financial Toxicity

Meet Ruby Gadelrab

Ruby Gadelrab is the CEO and Co-Founder of MDisrupt. She is a seasoned digital health executive with a track record in successfully commercializing healthcare and healthtech products. She served on the executive team at 23andMe as VP of commercial marketing and has worked for many leading companies in the biotech and genetic spaces. Before founding MDisrupt, Ruby consulted for, advised, and mentored more than 25 digital health companies.


Key Insights:

Ruby Gadelrab is working to ensure that new healthcare products are aligned with physicians’ needs.

What was missing? Ruby noticed talented, passionate individuals with access to capital failing to bring health products that can actually scale.

Aligning Needs. By involving physicians in the product development process, MDisrupt ensures the creation of products that really work.

The Market Leads. Ruby left a dream job to start this business, because she saw an unmet market need, and she had a good sense of how to fix the problem. 


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