Data Opportunities

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Data Opportunities

This week’s episode is a mashup on the topic of data opportunities in the healthcare economy featuring Mitesh Rao, M.D., MHS, Founder and CEO of OMNY Health; Dr. Brian Fengler,…
June 6, 2023

Data Opportunities

Meet the Guests:

Mitesh Rao, M.D., MHS is Founder and CEO of OMNY Health; Dr. Brian Fengler is Co-founder, EvidenceCare, and Dr. Bea Bakshi is CEO and Co-founder, C the Signs.

This episode is about the challenge presented by the new data landscape in healthcare.

Data as language. Dr. Rao suggests that the central challenge of the new data is to find a way to make it common, shared, across the industry. A translator is needed.

Can data recommend treatment? With his Co-founder Jim Jamieson, Dr. Fengler is bringing clinical insights and nudges into the physician’s workflow.

Actionable data. According to Dr. Bakshi, a surplus of data threatens to paralyze physicians. Making it accessible at point of care makes data much more useful.

This episode is a mash-up of previous Day Zero guests. 

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