Leveraging Your Network

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Leveraging Your Network

In this episode, host Rick Lemoine speaks with Co-Founders, Dr. Brian Fengler and Jim Jamieson, about their company, EvidenceCare. They discuss the overwhelming “busyness” of physicians, and explain how their…
May 9, 2023

Leveraging Your Network

Meet Dr. Brian Fengler and Jim Jamieson

Co-Founders Dr. Brian Fengler and Jim Jamieson are the brains behind EvidenceCare, an EHR-integrated platform that optimizes clinical workflows to deliver better patient care, improve physicians’ workflow, capture more revenue, and reduce costs. Dr. Fengler left a career as an emergency medicine physician to focus full-time on his work with EvidenceCare in 2016, where he now serves as Chief Medical Officer. Prior to EvidenceCare, Jim Jamieson built and led sales and implementation teams while serving as VP of Business Development for national revenue cycle companies, a background that prepared him to serve as Chief Revenue Officer with EvidenceCare.

Key Insights:

Brian and Jim are working to provide a product that streamlines physician workflow. 

Time Suck. Physicians are so busy that they will tend to resist any new product put before them—even a product that promises to save them time. 

What’s the Problem with Order Sets? Order Sets are not patient-specific (enough). EvidenceCare offers more detailed recommendations for particular patients.

Leverage Your Network. Jim advises early-stage entrepreneurs to begin leveraging their networks for advice and other support right from the start. 

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