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Principled Profit

In this episode, host Rick Lemoine, Chief Medical Information Officer, Sharp HealthCare, speaks with CEO and Co-founder of Superlanet, a successful healthcare IT professional services firm, about the benefits of…
June 27, 2023

Principled Profit

Meet Adam Lyddane

Adam Lyddane, PharmD, is CEO and Co-founder of Superlanet. With more than 20 years of healthcare and IT leadership experience, Adam has an extensive understanding of, and knowledge in the implementation of healthcare technology, clinical process redesign, consumer market strategy development, and clinical adoption strategy development for leading hospital systems in the United States and Europe. 

Key Insights:

Adam Lyddane co-created a successful healthcare IT professional services firm.


Value of Independence. Staying independently owned has allowed Superlanet to stay focused on what’s important and on quality of service. 

Jumping In. Once you’ve (realistically) assessed the risk and your tolerance for risk, make the decision—and stick to your business plan, Adam advises.

Hire right early. Make your core team with care. With a foundation of competence and trust, success is sure to follow! 


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